Workplace relations and labour policy in the Corona crisis

How has the operational practice of industrial relations and labor policy proven itself in the Corona crisis?

KI-Mit – Artificial intelligence for employees

The project aims to identify approaches that could help to utilise the possibilities of AI for “good work” (“Gute Arbeit”).

New shifts in power as a result of digitalisation

The aim of the project is to describe and discuss the social power shifts caused by digitization and to understand the effects on established companies.

Company strategies in the “dual transformation”: strengthening education and training systems

In order to prepare employees for these rapid processes of change and to maintain and increase their transformation and employability, public and company education and training systems play a central and increasingly important role.

How are companies repositioning themselves with regard to digitalisation?

Overview of the forms, expectations, experiences and consequences of the integration of start-ups into the innovation strategies of medium-sized and large companies in the field of activity of the Industrial Union for Mining, Chemistry and Energy (IG BCE).