Chemie³ – the German chemical industry’s sustainability initiative

Chemie³ was founded in May 2013 by the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI), the German Federal Employers’ Association for the Chemical Industry (BAVC) and the IGBCE trade union with the aim of mainstreaming sustainability as a guiding principle within the German chemical industry and expanding the industry’s contributions to sustainable development.

To this end, Chemie³ has drawn up twelve “Guidelines for Sustainability in the Chemical Industry in Germany” that provide companies and employees with orientation and guidance for their own further development in terms of sustainable development.

The initiative supports the industry with specific services for implementing the guidelines in everyday business life. In addition to information materials and specialist events on specific and current topics, the programme also offers pilot projects and guidelines for implementing sustainability processes, for example on sustainability reporting, sustainable supply chain management, SDGs in company practice and on how training can promote company sustainability.

In order to measure the progress made by the sector, Chemie³ has developed 40 sustainability indicators that are compiled at regular intervals and made public.

With its expertise, the IGBCE Foundation for Labour and the Environment is supporting the implementation and further development of the initiative alongside the IGBCE.