Company strategies in the “dual transformation”: strengthening education and training

Many companies and employees are facing a duel pressure to transform owing to the simultaneous acceleration of both digitalisation and climate and energy policies. The use of digital technologies in industrial companies is advancing rapidly and especially energy-intensive companies and enterprises in the energy sector are having to deal with disruptive and far-reaching changes in the energy markets and in climate policy. The company work processes, work organisation as well as the outlook and future prospects of their employees are also accordingly changing.

Public and company-based education and training are playing a key and increasingly important role in preparing employees for these rapid change processes and in maintaining and increasing both their ability to transform and their employability.

Are the German education and training systems suitable for rapid transformations? What would employees and companies need in order to increase their ability to transform in the long term and secure the prospects for affected employees (within or outside the companies and sectors)? What resources or new institutions and mechanisms are needed at the company, inter-company, regional and state level?

The IGBCE Foundation for Labour and Environment of the IGBCE is pursuing these questions in collaboration with the Institute for Work, Skills and Training (IAQ) and selected industrial companies.

The results are expected in autumn 2021.